Good afternoon,

Thank you for your response to our call for help preparing the church for reopening.  About 20 people helped empty and cordon off pews, and most stayed for the training session we had on reopening the church while respecting social distancing directives.

Today we applied for authorization to reopen our doors.  We hope to receive a reply next week and open the doors the weekend of July 11 & 12, for prayer if not Mass.

Please note:

  • Masks are compulsory during all your time spent in the church, whether for private or public prayer, confession, etc…
  • There will be no singing or music during Mass;
  • Bathrooms, the children’s playroom, and the parish hall will not be accessible.

When we are ready to reopen, you will receive an email with more detail.  I am just giving you a review of a few in order for you to prepare to return.

The Oratory is open for Mass.  the dispensation from the Sunday obligation to attend Mass is still in effect. Latest update reopening of churchest from Bishop Faubert is now available.  The latest interview with the Archbishop can be seen here.

Please keep your donations coming if you are able to do so.

I am very grateful for your support, be it through volunteering, prayer, your kind replies to my emails  and/or donations.

God bless,

Father Robert

How will I offer my donation?

Due to the cancellation of Masses especially on the weakened we face a serious shortfall in revenue without our regular collections.  The next few weeks will be tough for our parishioners but you can be assured of the support of your parish through our prayers and commitment to serving the community.  We ask that you consider continuing your financial support as our fixed expenses continue at the same level (approximately $15,000/mth).

We invite you to send your contribution in the following ways:

  • Mail your contribution to the parish office at the address below or drop off in our mailbox at 75 Roosevelt.
  • Send in a one-time extraordinary donation.
  • Visit our PayPal page to make a donation through your PayPal account or with a credit card.
  • Mailing address: Annunciation Parish, 75 Roosevelt, TMR, QC, H3R 2G9

Thank you for your support.