Monday, June 24, SOLEMNITY OF THE NATIVITY OF SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST: Expect the unexpected What else would we expect from a kid whose first act in scripture is a dancing leap in the womb? Something startlingly new is afoot here. In a patriarchal culture, when the father doesn’t name the child, and the mother stoutly gives his unexpected name, stand back! The stage is set. The question asked about John could be asked of every newborn: What, then, will this child be?” God seems to enjoy unsettling the status quo. We like to hunker safely in custom and tradition. God likes surprises: Let’s be attuned to those.

A great big thank you to everyone who joined us for our BBQ last Sunday!  We enjoyed great weather, hot dogs, chips, salads and desserts!  Thank you to all who helped set up, cook, clean and to everyone who brought something to share. 


Next week Tuesday 9 am to 4 pm and Wednesday 9 am to 12 pm.

Following week  July 1 to 5, office closed.

July 9 to July 31: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9 am to 4 pm

August 1 to 31: Office closed



Maison Bleue is coming on Wed. June 26.  If you have any baby items to donate please bring them in this weekend.  Thank you!




FUNDSCRIP forms are available this weekend on the communion rail and at the main doors of the church.  This will be the last order until September.



 CFE BOOK RETURN: As discussed at the beginning of the pastoral year, you can return your child’s Faith and Life text book if you wish to do so.  They will be used again next year, thus saving the parish the expense of buying new ones!  Thank you to the parent who suggested we do this.

REGISTRATION for Children’s Faith Education (CFE) program begins.  Parish children entering Grade 1 this year through Grade 6 should be enrolled in our weekly classes.  Classes are held Tuesdays at 4:15 pm beginning late September.  Please return the completed form by July 31 to ensure that your child will receive the materials required in time for the first class.  For more information, For more information, please refer to the 2019 Registration form. Please contact the parish office with your questions. Beginning this weekend, you can pick up a registration form at the main doors of the church or fill the form out online on the Children’s Faith Education page on our website.  The fee is $100 per child, maximum $200 per family – no one will refused due to a lack of funds.  RETURNING STUDENTS: Come see Mary during office hours to review your registration form from last year and make necessary changes.  No need to fill in a few form! The $100 fee is required.

ANNUNCIATION PARISH 75th anniversary2020 is the 75th Anniversary of Our Lady of The Annunciation. In honor of this blessed year of our parish, an Anniversary Committee is being formed to plan and implement activities to commemorate and celebrate our Platinum Jubilee. John Issa and Lori-Ann Zemanovich (two of your OLAP Wardens) will be co-chairing the committee made up of Annunciation parishioners. Please sign up your interest to become members of the committee.  Signup sheets are available at the church entrance or send an email directly to Lori-Ann at loriannzemanovich@hotmail.com.  We need your help to make the celebrations a success!

ST JOSEPH IS HOMELESS!  He has nowhere to go next week!  Please consider taking this no fuss guest home, to pray for vocations with him.  The signup sheet is at the main doors of the church.

DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL:  Did you know you could program PayPal to make a weekly or monthly contribution to the parish?  Click on the donate button found on the Welcome page of our website.  It will lead you to our PayPal account and a step by step guide to making one or regular donations to the parish.

Thank you for your returnable bottles and cans!  We collected $45 last month for a total of $140 for the year already.  Please leave your rinsed empties at the 71 Roosevelt entrance.