FundScrip — A new way to support the parish

Fellow Parishoners,

This week we started a new fund raising initiative called Fundscrip. In essence Fundscrip is a system for buying gift cards for your favourite retailers and the parish gets a rebate. Just like any other gift card you get exactly what you pay for, it is the retailer who pays the rebate, so if you buy a $100 card you get $100 AND the parish gets between 2% and 10%.

So How Does It Work?

Every month we will hand out forms at the back of church (please see attached).

You take the form home and figure out how many cards you want.
Add up the total and write a cheque payable to Our Lady of the Annunciation.
Give us back the completed sheet and the cheque and we will will give you your cards the next week after mass.
After that put your cards in your wallet and use them just like you would any other gift card.

By using this system we will be able to raise essential funds for our church without it costing you a cent, so please support this initiative. We will be accepting completed forms and cheques after mass this coming Sunday. If you have any questions just reply to this email.

Gregory Doyle