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From Ascension Presents:

Almost a year ago, Ascension was asked by the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) Planning Committee to host an entire section of the WMOF Youth Congress. It was to be called the Ascension Cafe.

The event was amazing! The Ascension Cafe, which featured some of the best Catholic speakers and presenters, was packed with teens from around the world. Realizing that most of you would not get to experience these presentations and musical performances live, we knew we had to capture it for you.

Beginning next Wednesday, you can get a front row seat to everything you–for FREE! Sign up now and once a week through October, we will send a handful of presentations right to your email. By the end of the month, you’ll have access to all twenty-six talks.

You’ll see Fr. Mike Schmitz, Megan Mastroianni, Chris Stefanick, and many more presenters tackling topics like discernment, smartphones, dating, friendship, family and faith.

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